By Nancy Emily Nagujja.

On 7th June, 2022, The Uganda Freight Forwarders Association (UFFA) in partnership with their development partners, The Skills Development Facility (SDF), Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), and others launched the Fiata diploma in Freight forwarding at Protea Hotel Kampala. The launch of this diploma is channeled towards improving the Freight Forwarding

The Fiata Diploma has become an internationally recognized qualification in the freight logistics industry and Uganda is lucky to be part of the limited countries that have this diploma. This diploma is administered by accredited Fiata Association Members worldwide The Uganda Freight Forwarders Association being part of them.

Mr. Charles Mwebembezi, The Chairman Uganda Freight Forwarders Association in his remarks mentioned that this day is a culmination of an enormous collective effort of the different stakeholders that have made this possible. He extended his gratitude towards Dr. Ruth Biyinzika, the Head of the Skills Development Facility and the team at Private Sector Foundation Uganda for the invaluable and never ending support towards UFFA. “We have had an industry training (EACFFPC) for the last 12 years which was embraced and supported by both the industry and over regulators. Over 1,500 trainees have graduated from this EACFFPC and this is our target market. The Industry has got one of the best gifts that earth has to offer-the FIATA Diploma-which is a vocational training program that will equip trainees in the recommended skills required to competitively operate in this dynamic freight logistics industry,” He said. The Fiata Diploma all serves the needs of both professionals and employers around the world by making the trainees/ graduates more valuable assets to their organizations and also keep the latter more competitive in today’s global economy.

He informed that the Fiata Diploma is a substantial process as they lobby for self-regulation status, he asked for the support of The Ministry of Works and Transport together with The Uganda Revenue Authority just like other UFFA initiatives. He extended his gratitude towards the trainers for the professionalism that they have exhibited overtime and strongly believes they will make the Fiata Diploma a success like the EACFFPC.

Mr. Stephen Asiimwe, Executive Director Private Sector Foundation in absentia was represented by Ms. Damalie Ssali who passed on his remarks. Ms. Damalie noted that the logistics sector is very important because it contributes 3% to the country’s GDP. In Mr. Stephen’s remarks he noted that the launch of the Fiat Diploma is indeed a great achievement for the transport and logistics sector as well as the entire country. He extended his warmest congratulations to the UFFA Board and Management upon the success. Private Sector Foundation is proud to be associated with Uganda Freight Forwarders Association in coming up with this brilliant innovative course that aligns with the Government of Uganda Vision 2040. Freight Logistics initiatives cut across multiple sectors, promotes inclusion, sustainable development, economic progress and poverty eradication. He thanked the UFFA Board and Management together with its collaborating partners behind innovation and noted that this Fiata Diploma is significantly contribute to the development of the transport and logistics sector in the country through promoting efficiency and effectiveness.

Under the skilling support, PSFU/ SDF has funded both private and government institutions under Window 3 Innovative training to develop new training concepts/programs that identify the needs which are relevant to the labor market that will contribute to the country’s economic development. UFFA is one of these beneficiaries and was awarded a grant totaling to Ugx 400,012,150 to develop a new training course for the Fiata Diploma Course, have it validated and the association accredited to offer the course in Uganda and the entire East Africa. On behalf of the Board Governors at Private Sector Foundation Uganda through the Ministry of Finance Economic Planning and Development (Mofped) and the World Bank for investing in enhancing and developing skills of Ugandans, as well as entrusting PSFU with the responsibility of delivering this noble cause.

Dr. Ruth Biyinzika Musoke, the Head of Projects at Skills Development Facility (SDF) in her remarks congratulated UFFA and the Freight on the great achievement of launching the Fiata Diploma. “Our Journey as Private Sector Foundation Uganda started in 2016 when we approached Government for a fund to ably support the implementation of the Skills Development Fund and we were granted the request. The Government got credits from the World Bank and selected PSFU was to implement this Pilot Skills Development Fund. Where we are going the future is bright if we work together with Public sector, our regulators and development partners,” She said.

She highlighted that there is a new program for women that is starting this financial year and there will be money for these women to be training in different skills. On behalf of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, she thanked Mr. Charles Kareba for the good leadership and guidance. She mentioned that they got over 150 applications from companies that wanted to skill the youth and The Uganda Freight Forwarders Association was part of them.

The Private Sector Foundation together with The Skills Development Facility pledges its support to skilling in different vocations and technical skills of Ugandans through different SMEs and government companies that are awarded grants to train Ugandans. The Fiata Diploma that has been launched will take the Freight Forwarding industry next level with the support of PSFU, SDF, URA, MTWA and other development partners.


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