By Nancy Emily Nagujja.

The Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) under the supervision of The Ministry of Education and Sports continues to work towards the goal of promoting Employable Skills for the Youth across the country. DIT is a Ugandan quality assurance directorate offering nationally, regionally, and internationally recognized quality assurance services for the business, Technical, Vocational Education, and Training (BTVET). DIT ensures that all Technical and Vocational Institutions uphold the TVET Policy 2019 as they equip these youths with employable hands-on skills. DIT supports the creation of needed employable skills and competencies relevant to the national transformation labor market as opposed to just the acquisition of Educational Certificates.

Under the guidance of the Uganda Vocational Qualification Framework (UVQF) Section 20 of the Act establishes the UVQF which is integrated into the DIT quality assurance roles to developing the occupational standards, the assessment and training packages (ATPs), accrediting assessment centers, accrediting assessors, conducting competency-based assessments, and certification of successful candidates. Section 20 clarifies that UVQF is a mechanism.

DIT is a top body that strives to promote quality assurance interventions in Business, Technical Vocation, and Training for the public and private sector labor market that needs to accelerate National development. Some of the Areas that DIT addresses under Vocational Skills include Accreditation, assessment, and certification. The Directorate of Industrial Training has a history of producing high-quality assurance mechanisms with emphasis on qualification standards and equivalent ratings with a high level of professionalism recognized nationally, regionally, and internationally. Under the guidance of its mandate DIT through various vocational institutions develops occupational standards, regulates work-based training schemes, applies and expands the Uganda Vocation Qualifications Framework, accredited assessment centers, and Assess, and Awards Uganda Vocational Qualification as provided for in the BTVET Act of 2008. Some of the accredited Modular assessment centers include Bukalasa Agricultural College, St. Joseph’s Technical Institute Kisubi, Crane Training, Common Facility Centre, Nakawa Vocational Institute, and COWA Vocational Training among others.

The promotion and production of good quality employable skills through close monitoring of the vocational institutions making sure that the students trained  come out are well-skilled, and equipped with employable skills that make them eligible for the job market.

They have strong partnerships with various vocational institutions thus DIT continues to foresee the vision of ensuring that most youths in the country adapt to employable skills that include; Upskilling, Problem-solving, Adaptability, and others. Developing and maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships, widening the resource base for infrastructure developments and service provision, strengthening the leadership and management system, and many more is part of their day to day standards of operation to deliver on Quality Assurance.

With the support of the proper implementation of the TVET Policy, The Directorate of Industrial Training core mandate is to pursue the initiative of skilling Ugandans with employable skills for a better Uganda.


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