Presidential CEO forum lauds farmers in Ziroobwe

By David Lukiiza

Ateam of Board members and chief Executive officers of various companies from the presidential CEO forum have praised farmers in Ziroobwe parish in Luwero district for their efforts towards promoting Value addition and enhancing domestic production.

During their Visit on Saturday at Ziroobwe Agaaliawamu Agri-Business Training Association (ZAABTA) Brenda Tibamwenda a board member who also represented Barbara Mulwana the board chair noted that they are pleased with what the association is doing with the farmers in the community.

“We have been pleased with the production and value addition chain ZAABTA is undertaking as they assist small holder farmers access Agricultural credit facilities from financial institutions to boost their productions,” she said.

Tibamwenda also noted that the idea of seed loaning to farmers through seed bank projects is very critical when it comes to enhancing domestic production capacity.

According to Godfrey Mayambala the general manager of ZAABTA noted that the association offers to farmer’s free training in basic agronomic practices, post harvesting handling and Agro processing practices.

“We also assist our farmer’s access profitable markets for their products as this protects them from middle men who intend to buy their products at cheaper prices,”he said.

ZAABTA has a total number of 5022 members in 170 farmer groups which include 2307 male farmers and 2713 female farmers.

Mayambala says he is very pleased with the PCF’s Visit as this gives opportunities for other stakeholders to learn new techniques in agriculture.

He further appreciates the president for embracing Value addition as he was the pioneer in giving the association the first maize mill which helped that association to upgrade to another version.

“Mechanization in agriculture simplifies production as the country moves to another level n in Agri-business.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the patron of the Presidential CEO Forum. As a front liner in a “Uganda First” campaign, he has championed programs of development, mastered and visionary enhanced both private and public institutions using the core pillars of patriotism, nationalism to create a self-sustaining population with the ability to drive Uganda into an industrialized economy.

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