By Nancy Emily Nagujja

In an Inauguration ceremony of the 5th Edition of the Industrial Training Council (ITC) that took place on the 19th of November 2021, Dr. Joseph Muvawala and his team were honored for the work well done as he handed over to the new chairperson of ITC Dr Ruth Biyinzika Musoke. The ceremony took place at the DIT home in Lugogo.

The event was honored by the presence of representativesfrom the Ministry of State for Higher Education and the Permanent secretary from the Ministry of Education represented by Mr. Mulindwa Ismail and Mr. Irumba Rojer Kaija respectively. The Chief Magistrate, Dr Douglas Ssisinga , the outgoing chairperson Dr. Joseph Muvawala, the incoming chairperson Dr Ruth Biyinzika Musoke and members of ITC, directors / commissioners-Ministry of education and Sports,  principals from various institutions together with all other members present.

Mr. Patrick Byakatonda (The Director of Industrial Training) extended his gratitude towards the outgoing chairperson and outgoing members of the Industrial Training Council for their dedication, time, wisdom and the good leadership offered to the Directorate of Industrial Training. ‘I would like to thank the chairman Dr Joseph Muvawala for his personal guidance on the management drive for the directorate and being approachable at any time of need despite his busy schedules as the head of Planning in the entire country and Katikkiro of Busoga which is quite overwhelming and challenging.’ I also thank the entire ministry of Education and Sports for the continued support rendered to the directorate particularly in funding activities and policy issues, the Permanent secretary for the technical guidance and support offered towards the Directorate and also welcome the 5th Edition of the industrial Training Council as the new policy making organ of the Directorate of Industrial Training.


On welcoming the new chairperson (Dr Ruth Biyinzika), Dr Joseph Muvawala, the outgoing chairperson extended his gratitude to his team, the Ministry of Education and Sports for the opportunity to serve the government in such an important place like DIT. “The new council members emulate the same spirit like we did, thank you DIT staff for the job well done and the continued effort towards fighting and protecting the institution, the Ministry for the partnership for resources and I am confident that by the mandate governing DIT is distinct and the incoming council will manage”.

Dr. Muvawala vowed to continue his dedicated support towards DIT urging the team to call whenever there is a need. He urged the new council to keep DIT as the good certifying agency reflecting on a number of achievementsregistered during his time in office. During his term, a number of achievements like; securing the land titles on which the institute is sited on. The outgoing team sought to check their assessors and bring them up to speed. They managed to renovate the 3 buildings in UMA and bought 200 acres of land registered under the Ministry of Education. The assessment centers were increased, and the institution has managed to generate more support from 700 million to up to 4.7 billion charging the trainees at low rates. The outgoing council also won a bid with the ministry of Science and Technology amongst many more achievements. ‘Incoming Chairman Dr Ruth I am happy for you together with the members in your council who are my family and friends as well.’ Concluding his remarks he urged the new team to support each other and above all support the chairman too.

The new council guided by the Chief Magistrate of Nakawa Division Dr Douglas Ssisinga will included Mr. Milton Steve Owor, Mr. Ssenyondo Mansoor, Dr Paul Kyalimpa, Mr. Kabagambe Steven Musinguzi, and Mrs. Muhoozi Roy Abeine among others.


Upon assuming office, Dr Biyinzika Musoke thanked the Honorable Minister of Education for entrusting them with such a role to lead the ITC. ‘I want to assure you that the council is going to undertake this assignment with diligence, dedication, and execution with high levels of integrity,’I  thank the outgoing council led by Dr. Joseph Muvawala for the great work that has been accomplished during their time of service, I want to assure you that we shall continue to seek your wisdom and guidance to see that DIT is propelled to even greater heights.”The new council of DIT are committed to implementing within their mandate the government initiatives through the Ministry of Education and Sports in skilling Ugandans and promoting the quality of Industrial Based Assessment and certification in the world of work. She said.

During our 3 years term in office, our focus will be on; developing a new DIT strategic plan which will be aligned towards the NDP III, the education and Sports sector strategic plan which will also be aligned to the NRM manifesto. The council will embrace and foster the new change in the curriculum made by the Ministry of Education and sports and will ensure that the role is implemented fully. DIT will continue supporting the presidential initiative of skilling the boy and girl child program and DIT will continue paying a key role in assessing and certifying learners. We shall ensure that DIT continues to promote employable skills as we also rebrand DIT to the youths, employees and those in Jua-Kali sector of this country so that the rampant unemployment is curbed.

The event was graced by the presence of the permanent secretary, (Ms. Ketty Lamaro) from the Ministry of Education who was represented by Mr. Irumba Rojer Kaija, In her remarks she reminded the new council that DIT is a key player in implementing the skilling Uganda strategic plan through the development of standards for occupations in the world of work in Uganda as well as conducting skills competence based assessment, certification and recognition of prior learning.

She thanked the 4th ITC for the effect and service they rendered to the Directorate of Industrial Training and also welcomed members of the 5th edition of the Industrial Training council and further urged them to maximize the potential, expertise and experience from their respective constituencies to strengthen DIT and foster national development. She pledged her continued support towards the strategic commitments of the Directorate and urges them to remain focused to perform their duties even better. Dr Ruth Biyinzika, the new chairperson thanked everyone for coming and awarded plucks to the outgoing council. Thereafter urging the new council to front team work in order to register even more achievements.




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