Paulo Coelho states ‘If you are brave enough to say goodbye, Life will reward you with a hello.’ On Thursday 11th November, 2021, PPDA bid farewell to its former board member now an MP Hon Xavier Kyooma Akampurira. The event took place at the newly constructed home of PPDA, the PPDA-URF Towers on plot 39, Nakasero Road. Dr. Cris Magoba, the Manager PR was the Mc of the day, he conveyed his greetings to the Board Chairman and other invited guests who were in attendance. He appreciated Hon Xavier for his dedicated service during his time at PPDA, h also welcomed Mr. David Kiyingi, and the new board member to PPDA asked him to make his remarks.

Mr. David Kiyingi welcomed everyone in their different protocol and thanked God for the opportunity to serve on the PPDA board. He narrated how he started off working with a number of organizations and was lucky to land on a government contract. One of the key things he recalls was him adding to his skills that he wanted to reform which guided his career. He ended his speech with a gratitude message to the board and hopes to work together with the PPDA board members to continue making procurement better.

Mr. Cris Magoba then invited Mr. David Sserebe the incoming board memberwho was delighted to be part of the board“I am happy to be here and it’s my great honor to be one of the new board members.”Citing that He joined PPDA in less than a week and its open blessings for him. “I have been to many board meetings but that of PPDA is quite e a unique one” he said. Many boards go out of their way to convince someone but PPDA board was one he was willing to join because of the commendable devotion. He thanked God for having enabled him join such a wonderful team. He ended by acknowledging Dr.Levi Kabagambe for being a good mentor and devoted PPDA board member.

In his remarks, Dr. Levi Kabagambe thanked the team that he worked with for a long time. “I remember when David left and Xavier stayed, I knew they would in turn come back.” I thank Hon. Xavier and the team for the togetherness and devotion towards their work. When one failed, another stood in “Xavier has been very committed” he persisted.

The Executive Director Mr. Benson Turamye thanked everyone for coming. He thanked Hon. Xavier Kyooma for the dedicated 5years he has worked with PPDA. “It has been an honor to have you on the board and you will forever remain part of PPDA. “ I welcome our dear new board members on board, Mr. David Kiyingi and Mr. David Sserebe. PPDA is glad to have you”. He then concluded his speech with telling Hon. Xavier that he will forever stay in PPDA’s good books and will also be remembered for his good work.

The Manager PR then called on Hon Xavier Kyooma who started with thanking the Chairman, ED, Board members management staff and service providers. “I do not regret being on the PPDA Board. I found a competent board and I have left a competent board”. He introduced his wife Mrs. Fiona Kyooma who thanked her husband for the job well done. She was delighted too that her husband was appreciated and it makes her proud of his great work.

He congratulated and welcomed the new members on board and asked them to feel at home. He thanked everyone on the board for the transparency and urge for changing the procurement sector. “When you are still young, you want to make enemies and fight but when grow up, you realize you need to make friends” he said. He was delighted for the internal audit function and vowed that as long as he is around PPDA, they will never lack. He congratulated PPDA on finishing the building investment. He concluded by saying that “I thank the Board and the media that PPDA’s mandate is now visible and the public is aware of what PPDA does.

The Board Chairman PPDA Mr. Julius K Ishungisa then made his remarks. He started by thanking everyone in attendance and extended his gratitude to the outgoing Board member. “Xavier was always serious and had good ideas” PPDA was thankful and we shall forever commemorate you here.” He then welcomed the new board members Mr. David Kiyingi and Mr. David Sserebe. You have both been in the field for a while now. “Mr. Kiyingi, we are looking to you for these regulations” Enacting these reforms and working together to make the Public Procurement known.

He ended his speech by presenting a plaque of appreciation to commemorate his good work. “Forever in the hearts of PPDA for the dedicated services as a board member” he said.



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