Minister of Education empowers girls as 2019 UCE results are released.

The Uganda Certificate of Education exams were released by the Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Kataaha Museveni, on 31st January together with the Uganda National Examinations Board while at the Office of the prime minister, several days after they released the Primary Leaving Examinations.
The UCE 2019 candidates started exams on the 15th of October last year and officially ended on the 17th of November 2019.

Reports from UNEB show that the number of candidates registered in the year 2019 increased by only 0.7% which is lower than 3.2% compared to 2018.
The number of girls that registered to sit for UCE is higher than that of the boys compared to the year 2018 and there is an overall performance improvement compared to that of 2018.
There is an improved performance in biology compared to the previous years with female candidates performing better than male candidates in English language, nevertheless in other large entry subjects, males show better overall performance, with the difference more marked in Math’s and sciences.
There are 1262 cases of withheld exams following a national failure rate of 7.8%, unfortunately some districts have twice the national rate of failure.

Dan N. Odongo, Executive Secretary Expressed his appreciation on behalf of the board to the government for the support, finance sector, the Uganda police, chief of defence forces, military throughout the of field operations leading to an improvement in the timely release of the exams, thus the improved implementation compared to the past years.
He added that O level is a basic level that builds a foundation for a student to be ready for all higher levels of education.

Before the handover, Janet Kataaha Museveni thanked the board for the job well done, and paid tribute to the invigilators, area supervisors and all those that sacrificed something to ensure the success of the project.
She proudly boasted that the recently conducted Makerere university graduation had 50.5 % female graduates over 49.5 % male graduates. Since 2016 to 2021, as a result of the Universal Secondary Education, there has been an increase in the number of girls, not only getting into school but completing and getting employed. “Educate the girl child, educate the nation.” She quoted.

She added that the Universal Secondary Education project has helped in curbing down early marriages, early pregnancies, she also encouraged the boys to work hard enough so that they enable a 50/50 ratio of success every year.

However, she commented on a few cases concerning the unfortunate teaching development, where by teachers have started compressing the syllabus from 4 – to 3 years and teaching at awkward hours, too early in the morning and late in the evening, living learners with little time to do personal studying.
She called upon schools, head teachers and all concerned stakeholders to work on the areas of weakness which have been in persistence, English and science subjects, encouraging learners to understand rather than cramming content.

She concluded with announcing that the S.5 selection exercise will be held on 13th to 14th February 2020 at the UMA hall show grounds and the hearings of last year’s PLE withheld examinations is on 3rd February Monday 2020.

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