2 arrested over cases of extortion in Kampala.

As the Ugandan government struggles to reduce the number of Ugandan citizens who travel abroad to work and are later trafficked into sexual abuse, hard exploitative labour among other injustices, recently Indian nationals have become victims of the same plague.

Last Sunday evening 2 men were arrested and 4 Indian nationals were rescued from a hotel in Bweyogerere, Wakiso District after they had been kidnapped for a week manipulated into raising50.000 from their families, or else they will be killed.

Deputy Police spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire for Kampala Metropolitan said that the arrested suspects are Mugumya Ignatius a Ugandan and Profili Butane an Indian who had promised the victims jobs in Canada but were instead first brought to Uganda and later diverted and kidnapped. He added that these cases do happen a lot more often where by victims passports are taken away from them and then threatened to cooperate.

He added that he believes there are more people who are extorting people and these suspects arrested will help in investigations to track down the rest of the crew members.
He calls upon Indian network in Uganda to come together and help curbing down all these organisations so that they simplify the policies duty in protecting the people.

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