Yellow fever outbreak in Uganda.

Earlier today, the Minister of Health, Hon. Acheng Jane Ruth confirmed an outbreak of Yellow fever in the country, Moyo and Buliisa Districts.
Death numbers have so far raised to 3 victims with 2 in the west Nile region of Moyo and the other 1 in Hoima region, Buliisa district. Both victims had similar symptoms of vomiting, high fever, general body aches, blood in urine or stool, yellow discoloration of eyes or skins headache, diarrhoea, fatigue, abdominal and joint pain, unexplained bleeding.

All these cases were submitted to the Uganda Virus Research Institute for scrutiny and later results confirmed the Yellow Fever Infection was the cause of the victims deaths.
Yellow fever is a disease transmitted through bites of mosquitoes infected by the yellow fever virus called flavivirus, therefore all Ugandans are advised to sleep under treated mosquito nets.Yellow fever immunisation is now a compulsory travel requirement for all individuals and they are all asked to comply in order to ensure that the risk of spreading the yellow fever across borders is minimised.
The ministry of health has appealed to World Health Organisation for inclusion of the yellow fever vaccination into the routine immunisation schedule, and the Global Stock piles through the international coordination group, for more yellow fever vaccines.
The ministry of health reassured Ugandans that with the experience and expertise available in the country, the disease will be contained and also urges the public to remain calm and report any suspected cases to the nearest health facility.

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