Uganda’s Tourism industry is intact and safe

Of recent, some people have been trying to portray Uganda as a country without a conducive environment for tourists to enjoy the beautiful natural tourist sites.

This has been an attempt by some opposition elements in Parliament, in conjunction with their foreign funders, who have all along been shocked with the steady country’s growth and development especially in the tourism industry.

Uganda is a habitat of the rare species of wildlife ranging from gorillas, lions, wild cats, several species of birds natural forests, friendly weather, rafting and the friendly people.

Uganda under the leadership of the National Chairman NRM, H.E Gen YK Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda, has not only enjoyed a good reputation but also is a peace hub in the Great Lakes region.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be blind folded by selfish people bent on damaging our image using falsehoods.

Uganda is a democratic country where freedom to contest and choose leaders is guaranteed under our Constitution.

Our humble appeal to our guests is to ignore lies by saboteurs who are bent on spreading lies to scare tourists destined to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

Come one, come all and enjoy a wonderful country with rare species, friendly people and the best weather along the equator!

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