By Nancy Emily Nagujja.

Following a successful launch of The Employer of The Year Awards by The Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) on 11th February, 2022 at Golf Course Hotel Kampala. Makerere University one of their partners and implementer of the EYA survey is already conducting company visits to ensure conducting of the survey during February and March. During an interview with Dr. Julius Mugisha the lead consultant in the survey explained that the partnership they have with FUE is to be a consulting organization that provides the services of the survey from which the results will lead to The Employer of The Year Awards.

Dr Julius further explained that the Awards are based on the survey in which Makerere University employs their competence in research skills. Once they carry out this survey and start getting responses from the different companies, including those of the regular staff and managerial staff. The team then embarks on further interviews with the key personnel in the different organizations to derive more information that acts as a form of validation to guide the verification of this information.

Makerere University carries out the survey and the Technical committee gives us the go ahead with what we are going to do. The School of Psychology in partnership with the EYA team is carrying out this exercise on an MOU on behalf of Makerere University. Makerere University is a partner of the EYA team whose partnership arises from a 5 year MOU that Makerere University signed with The Federation of Uganda Employers and one of its core objectives for the partnership is to be the consulting organization that provides the services of conducting a survey

The survey has three stages, the first stage involves administering the survey questionnaires to the companies that are going to participate. This process is all inclusive in a way that all staff in their different capacities are allowed to do the exercise providing information for the verification process. The second stage is that of data verification where the team cross checks with the information they have got and whether it matches the one of the key personnel in the companies. They carry out further interrogative interview with these key personnel for example The Human Resource manager or the available managers.

The Third and final stage involves analysis of the performances of the participating companies. This is usually carried out by a group of technical members referred to as the “Emeritus”. These are normally knowledgeable people in the business field and Human Resource practices. Some of the previous winners are invited to engage in this last stage and help with close scrutiny to be able to shortlist the final and best companies that will be awarded in their different categories.

Each organization enrolls under particular categories: Established organizations (Big companies), small and medium enterprises and the micro enterprises. It is within these categories that we shall get the winners of each category. Every company is free to participate freely based on its interests.

This year’s awards are all inclusive in a way that they all companies are allowed to participate at no cost unlike the previous editions, therefore all companies are invited to take part in this year’s competitions. Makerere University carries out the survey as the Technical committee oversees their work. After the data is collected and analyzed, a report is written for each of the participating companies clearly indicating how they performed. This gives the companies a chance to look deeper into their areas of improvement and see to it that they address them in order to make their company better.

The key issues discovered in the survey will be presented to The Presidential CEO Forum, a platform that involves key actors in the government and private sector with the aim of engaging key stakeholders in order to influence policy changes that the different companies in the country are facing.

The Employer of The Year Awards survey is expected to take 4 months, February and March for field work, April and May for verification of the information collected. After which the Awards will be scheduled for 28th May, 2022.

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