The Chairman Ms. Barbara Mulwana Presidential CEO Forum accompanied by PCF  board Ms. Brenda Tibamwenda, Mr. Douglas Opio, and Ms. Irene Birungi Mugisha, at the newly constructed state of the art extension of the Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI) in Namanve.

The state of art UIRI extension is sited on 15 acres. This achievement is possible because of  a 30million USD grant  received from China government. In his remarks Prof. Charles G. Kwesiga states that UIRI focuses in particularly agro-processing, oil and gas, iron and steel. Pointing out the challenges faced in transforming economic activity from low value added by the country with Uganda having 5.9. According to global ranking of HIDI, Uganda has a rank of 159 with $2123 capital. Uganda needs to increase its Research and Development expenditure by 0.17% of GDP.

He further points out that UIRI is channeled towards creating jobs and wealth, decreasing import bill, increasing in export earning, enhanced technological capacity, increased productivity and efficiency, enhanced quality of life and economic growth. He showed the delegates UIRI’s current strategic plan (2020/2021 to 2024/2025) driven by the theme ‘Leapfrogging the 3 Industrial Revolutions and preparing for the 4th.’ UIRI is looking forward to operationalizing the Namanve project and replicating the model nationally. As well as implementing concept papers on revitalization of the cotton sector and mineral benefaction.

The Namanve Manufacturing and Machining Center has a number of objectives including; Development of a model machining and manufacturing facility that employs state of the art technologies. Focusing on manufacturing precision machined parts and progress to implement and eventually make machines. Training facilities that will engage in modern pedagogy using industrial-grade machines. And manufacturing workshops that will provide a platform for apprenticeships for technicians and engineers.

Ms. Barbara Mulwana expressed gratitude and acknowledged that the Uganda Industrial Research Institute is a good venture by the government of Uganda. This will help government achieve its primary objective which is to carry out scientific and industrial research, develop competitive technical services, and improve the capacity and competence of indigenous entrepreneurs to embark on sustainable industrial production and also to produce high quality, marketable products for the benefit of Uganda’s citizens.

Ms. Barbara further said it will bridge all the gaps by investing in Research and Development and committing to speed up the industrialization agenda. Replicating the iconic Namanve project by creating similar regional manufacturing and skilling centers and restore NSTEI back to UIRI. Considering creation of Uganda Industrialization Authority that has the mandate to consolidate and coordinate the National Industrialization agenda as well as eliminating institutional gridlock by harmonizing mandates and modus operandi.

Prof.Charles Kwesiga, asthe head of the facility concluded with a quote from H.E. Y.K Museveni, ‘Now the dream towards industrialization, import substitution, export promotion, technical skilling of our youth to fill gaps in the job market is closer than ever.’

UIRI’s Vision stands for center of Excellence, thus aspires has been able to build capacity through engaging in contract research activities, to achieve its targeted goal.

Source:  https://pcf.co.ug/


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